Pyari is a non-profit organization founded in Milan in 2007.
Pyari runs projects to prevent child trafficking, children slavery and women empowerment: sustainable social projects which are locally integrated through community participation.

Main objectives:

– Child protection: building a child friendly community.
Prevention of child trafficking and abuse, child marriage, child labour & unsafe child migration, to protect children through education and awareness raising of local communities.

– Rescue and care of young victims.

– Health, nutrition and education for children and adolescents living in slums and in poor and isolated villages in rural areas.

– Women Empowerment: to create income generation activities and social growth for destitute women/mothers.

On-going Pyari’s projects:

– Shelter Home for Girls victims of abuse and slavery – Siliguri – since 2009
– Urban Child Protection Project for children of the slums of Siliguri – since 2010
– Healthcare for Women and Children in the slums and villages of North Bengal – since 2011
– Model Village: a Social Project in Darjeeling Tea Gardens Villages – health, nutrition, protection, education – since 2012
– Nutrimix Community Project: to reduce malnutrition and create livelihoods for women and poor families – since 2015
– 100 Villages: Prevention of Child Trafficking and Child Protection Program in North Bengal – since 2016
– Girls Learning Centers: educational project for disadvantaged girls of rural communities – since 2017

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Fiscal code: 97460530153

Visit the website:

telephone +39 348 6411464